Declare String in c#

// Declare without initializing. 
 string message1;
// Initialize to null. 
 string message2 = null// Initialize as an empty string. 

// Use the Empty constant instead of the literal "".
 string message3 = System.String.Empty;
 // Use System.String if you prefer.
System.String greeting = "Hello World!";
 // Use a const string to prevent 'message4' from 
 // being used to store another string value. 
 const string message4 = "You can't get rid of me!";
 // Use the String constructor only when creating 
 // a string from a char*, char[], or sbyte*. 
 // System.String documentation for details. 
 char[] letters = { 'A', 'B', 'C' };
 string alphabet = new string(letters);

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