Defining Silverlight Splash screens

Defining Silverlight Splash Screens

Many users get bored of seeing the blue balls (default Silverlight loading screen, also called splash screen) on their browser window while the application is loading. As a developer, you can make their user experience better by giving them something interesting to look at while application loads.  Here are some ways in which you can define Silverlight splash screens to override the default splash screen.

MSDN Library Link:


This is actually a Google Books search page. You can select the one that matches your requirement best. Though some are for older versions of Silverlight, you can customize them for Silverlight 5.


There is a readymade project on Codeplex :

Blogs and Videos:

Mike Taulty created a video post more than 2 years ago for building splash screens with animations:

Conclusion: This blog post described a few resources that can help you in the creation of custom Silverlight splash screens.


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