Deploy .Net Application Using Jenkins

What is Jenkins?

Jenkins is a continuous integration tool that is a Java-based build system.

What is Continuous Integration Tool?

Continuous Integration tool is a process of automatic building and automatic testing so as to get immediate results.

Why Jenkins?

It is a framework which can be easily integrated with any tool.

It is open source.

It can be easily integrated with almost every plugin easily.

It saves a lot of time and leaves fewer chances of error occurrence.

How to deploy .NET applications using Jenkins:

  • Inject credentials to credentials manager.
  • Check out the latest code from the repository.
  • Build and publish the deployment package (MSBuild.exe).
  • Run unit test cases using vstestconsole.exe.
  • It will generate report files(.trx).
  • Deploy the packages to the deployment server.
  • Publish reports (Testcases, Code coverage etc.).
  • Email notifications will be sent to stockholders in every step after the build (success /failure).