Deploying An Application In Xamarin


Android applications are distributed in many ways after deployment, like website links, e-mail attachments, and app stores. The website link and e-mail attachments are used to share the application in the internal environment. The app store provides various services to distribute the application, such as giving the review access to the user to check that apps are not malicious in nature and the application is reached to the millions of customers anywhere and anytime. It promotes the application and allows for consumer ratings and handles financial settlements for purchases.

Disabling Debug

Xamarin supports debugging Xamarin during the development of the application and android application through the Java debug wire protocol. It is used only for the development process and it must be disabled in the deployed application and there are two ways to disable the debug as a setting in AndroidManifest.xml and Setting in assemblyInfo.cs.


Steps are creating a new keystore as part of the process of creating a signed application.
Select the release option in the configuration drop-down box.

Navigate to the project and publish android application a new keystore selection is opened to publish anAndroid application.

Create a new keystore by selecting the create new keystore and select a location with the filename and enter the password to confirm.

Select the forward option and the keycreation page will appear to publish Android Application wizard.

The fields like Alias field and password field are filled to the next step.

Select the forward option and the select destination page is opened.

The app needs some location to store the application in the target directory and click the create option.

The keystore is used for subsequent deployment.


Select use the existing keystore option on the keystore selection page of the Publish Android Application wizard and locate the existing keystore and enter the password and alias. When the keystore is lost, it is not able to publish the updated application and to create a new keystore and publish the new version as a completely new application.

Creatin DeletePOI()

DeletePOI method is created to simplify the logic in onOptionsItemSelected and it should call the DeletePOI method on POIJsonService.

Close the POIDetailActivity by Finish function.

The below code shows the DeletePOI method and is able to delete the POI.
  1. protected void DeletePOI ()    
  2. {    
  3.   POIData.Service.DeletePOI ( _poi );    
  4.   Finish ();    
  5. }