Deploying SSIS Packages Of BIDS 2008 Into SQL Server 2008

I would like to lay out the steps involved in SSIS packages in the context of Build and deployment in this blog.

Step 1 

Building SSIS packages using Deployment utility
On the Solution Explorer of the BIDS environment, right click on the Project Node and select the Properties.

Set the “CreateDeploymentUtility” to true and click OK.

Step 2

Right click on the Project node and click Build, which will generate Integration Service Deployment manifest file under the Project/Bin/Deployment folder.

Step 3

Double click on the manifest file and it pops up the screen given below.

By choosing the File system deployment, it will deploy the packages on that specified folder. On the other hand , SQL Server deployment will prompt through the next screens to deploy SSIS packages into specified SQL Server.

Also, check the Validate packages after the installation checkbox and click Next.

Specify the Server name and choose the relevant authentication. Also, provide the Package path. Before selecting this path on your SQL Server, integration Services can create the relevant folder name. This is the folder where the packages will be deployed finally in this process.

It can create a new folder on your project folders and provide the folder path. Click through next.

Finally, all the packages will be validated, as shown. Subsequently, click Next and Finish.

Now, you can see all the packages in SQL Server Integrations Services under the specified folder.


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