How to deploy a static website (HTML) into Azure using a web app


Here are the steps for publishing static web content using Visual Studio 2017 (I'm using the Enterprise edition, but this will work the same way using the free Community edition of VS 2017)

Steps for Publishing static web content using Visual Studio 2017

1. Open Azure Portal and go to Create Resource -> Web -> Web App. Create a new web app resource.
2. Open Visual Studio and go to Open -> Web Site, select the HTML file path from your local directory.
3. Once HTML and the dependent Javascript files are loaded, go to "Publish Web App", right-click on project, and you will see the option to open to publish.
4. Select your target as the Microsoft Azure app service to deploy.
5. Next, select your Azure subscription where you created the web app in step 1. You should find the same web app listed under resource group.      Select this and click next.
6. Validate your connection to verify all details and finally, you may publish it. The new destination URL is ready to use. The new web URL will be "", where you deployed your static web content into the Azure cloud.


This article demonstrated how to publish any static web page into the cloud using an Azure web app.