Develop HTML Snippet Faster Using Emmet

Emmet  snippets (formerly called Zen coding) is one of the great features in VS Code. It is a set of plug-ins for text editors, by default added in VS Code.
It supports HTML with IntelliSense, closing tags and formatting of CSS. In this article we will see how to implement and develop our HTML faster.
Below are some symbols we can use to develop HTML faster:
  • Child: >
  • Sibling: +
  • Climb-up: ^
  • Grouping: ()
  • Multiplication: *
  • Item numbering: $
  • ID and CLASS attributes
  • Custom attributes
  • Text: {}
Below is some Emmet HTML syntax. After writing it  click on the tab and you will get output based on the syntax you use.
Develop HTML Snippet Faster Using Emmet