Developer Mode Activation In Xbox Console

Xbox One has two genres

  • Retail Mode
  • Developer Mode

In Retail Mode, the console is the environment that any customer or user of an Xbox One console would use by playing games and running apps as a user.

While in Developer Mode, you can develop applications for the console, but you cannot play retail games or run retail apps. Developer Mode can be empowered on any retail Xbox One console. After Developer Mode is enabled, you can switch back and out between Retail and Developer Modes.

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You cannot activate developer mode in the Xbox One console if you have an activation preview, such as Xbox One beta program.

Activate Developer Mode on your retail Xbox One console

Step 1

Switch ON your Xbox console.

Step 2

Search and install the Dev Mode Activation app from Xbox One Store.

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Step 3

Once your Dev Mode Activation app gets installed, navigate to My apps and Games > Apps.

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Step 4

Open Dev Mode Activation application.

Step 5

Make a note of the code that is displayed in Dev Mode Activation app and enter in

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Step 6

Sign into Windows Dev Center, using Developer account.

Step 7

Enter the activation code you have copied from Developer Mode Activation app.

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Step 8

Click "Agree" and the app is activated. The activated device will be displayed in your dashboard.

Step 9

After activation, open Dev Mode and click "Switch and restart" button to log into developer mode.

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Switch between Retail and Developer Mode

After your developer mode has been activated, use dev mode to switch between Retail Mode and Developer Mode.

To switch to the Retail Mode, go to Dev Mode Home and click Leave Developer Mode. It restarts you console in Retail Mode.

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