Differences Using Selenium With Java And Selenium With JS

In this blog, I have discussed the difference in concepts and tools used in selenium with java language and selenium with javascript language

Please find the table,

S.No Concepts Selenium with Java Selenium with JavaScript
1 Software needed Java(JDK) Node JS
2 IDE Eclipse IDE(mostly preferred) Visual Studio Code
3 Dependency/Library manager Maven NPM
4 Test Framework TestNG, Junit, Cucumber BDD

Mocha, Jasmine,
Popular frameworks(Cypress,webdriverIO,playwright etc)

5 Test Runner file Testng.xml file Config.js files for respective Test Frameworks
6 Style of Writing Tests Using TestNG or Junit annotations Using describe and it blocks mocha/jasmine 
7 Reports supported Allure and Extent Report, TestNG Report Allure and Extent Report and has inbuilt Reports
8 Project metadata information present in pom.xml package.json

Thank you, Happy learning......

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