Different Ways of Customizing the Modern Environment


This post explains different ways of customizing the modern environment.
Ways to customize the Modern Environment 
1. Using direct Modern Pages, Sites Comm, Team and Hub sites, Modern WPs like Hero, News, Content Highlighting, People and much more modern options, Modern Lists/Libraries, Modern Publishing, etc.
2. SharePoint Framework development using a Webpart
3. SharePoint Framework development using Extension
4. SharePoint Framework development using Add-ins 
5. SharePoint Framework with PnP PowerShell
6. Using CSOM
7. Using SPHttpclient
11. Model Page with PnP JS/PnP
12. Using SPPnpJs
Sp-pnp-js was introduced to simplify common operations with SharePoint and SPFx. However, it was one big bulky file with all functionalities together. SharePoint Patterns and Practices (PnP) have broken it into multiple packages that give developers more control and brought in only required pieces to their solutions. As the old sp-pnp-js package is deprecated, to align with future updates it is advisable to start using new @pnp/sp packages and start transitioning old solutions to new @pnp/sp packages.
14. Adding Custom Actions with SPFx
15. Adding Custom Theme/Background Image using Theme Generator
Site Scripts and Site Designs with SPFx+Json
Use: Sitedesigner.io, SiteDesignerStudio etc. for smart developments. Drawbacks include Adjusting Page Layouts, Web Parts, etc.
Use PnP Engine for it!
16. SPFx + PnPEngine + Modern Experience
Components required:
  • Site design and a site script
  • Microsoft Flow
  • Azure Queue storage
  • Azure Functions
  • A SharePoint Framework (SPFx) solution
  • A PnP provisioning template
  • A PnP PowerShell script
  • An app ID and app secret with administrative rights on your tenant
  • It can’t be initiated via the out-of-the-box SharePoint graphical user interface.
  • It can’t trigger a Flow or a Logic app.
  • It can’t automatically configure list view formatting.
PowerApps start developing from https://make.powerapps.com.
Team related events, notifications using MS Teams & MS Planner
MS Flow Start developing from Flow option, or sign in to https://ms.flow.microsoft.com/en-us/ to start from scratch using the Templates.
Power BI Dashboards, Workbooks, Reports can be quickly generated by signing to https://app.powerbi.com/home using Data Sets/Sources from OneDrive/ODFB/Local Excel/CSV files and other supported options.
Modern Team Customizations using PnP PowerShell
Modern Navigation
Top Navigation in Comm sites = Quick Launch in Team sites
Site Collection Navigation only achievable at the Root SiteCollection level
Hub site-level navigation by adding links & only visible for their respective grouped sites.
The universal search bar in the O365 suite for modern sites is also a quick approach.