Directives In Angular

Directives basically precise JavaScript works that aid executed when the DOM is aggregated Eventually perusing the precise JS schema. Directives permit us with augment html component should make new html components and it aides us with make framework to rich,

What's more complex web requisitions as it were that is Regularly expressive.
  1. Ng-app - this directive characterize the beginning stage for AngularJS requisition Also also auto-bootstrap those requisition.
  2. Ng-init - this directive permits us with execute outflow in the current scope, it also utilize should initializes properties about $scope variable.
  3. Ng-controller - through this directive AngularJS help MVC outline design Also define growth about controller in perspective component.
  4. Ng-model - this directive utilize with tie data information starting with perspective will model item Also vice-versa. Through this directive we camwood execute two-way correspondence between the model Furthermore see.
  5. Ng-bind - this directive utilization with tie model information should perspective. It representable one-way information tying.
  6. Ng-repeat - this directive produce changing components on which it is applied, What's more likewise populate the created substance to every article alternately values, to an accumulation. Its worth of effort in An circle of different dialects such JAVA, C#, and so forth throughout this way, observing and stock arrangement of all instrumentation may be enha.
  7. Ng-include - this directive utilization will incorporate outer html page of the current html page.
  8. Ng-disable - this directive use to dormant an html component What's more it may be do Along these lines by assessment an provided for expression, if those provided for outflow assess will accurate At that point those html component will a chance to be inactive; that is we can't cooperate with that html component.
  9. Ng-show - this directive utilize with hiddenite or demonstrate an html element, What's more it would with the goal Toward assessment an provided for expression, whether those provided for outflow assess to genuine inconsistency afterward those html component will make shown, generally conceal.
  10. Ng-hide - this directive utilization with conceal alternately show a html element, and it would thereabouts by assessment an provided for expression, whether those provided for outflow assess should accurate afterward the html component will make hiden, Overall indicated.
  11. Ng-click - this directive utilize will catch those click off chance about html component for example, button, select, family ,etc. Furthermore permit us to tie works on that occasion.

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