Disconnected Layer In ASP.NET

Disconnected layer is a collection and caching approach. Disconnected layer collects the tables and rows from the actual database Server and provides the temporary storage into an app storage. An offline data management Disconnected layer uses the objects given below.
  • Connection
  • Data adapter
  • Data set
  • Data row
  • Data column
  • Data table

Connection layer provides Transport layer.
Data adapter 

Data adapter object is a supply management object, which internally uses connection or a Command Object adapter compiles and executes a query on the actual database, using Connection object. It implicitly opens the connection, which fetches the result.
Data set

Data set is a collection object, which collects the object of data table and belongs to System.Data namespace. Data set contains the property tables, which returns the reference of the data table.

Datatables=Tables[0] 0 means index of tables,

Data table
Data table class belongs to System.Data namespace and provides the collection of data rows or data columns.
Data Columns
Data columns class belongs to System.Data namespace and provides the collection of string column names. It returns the information about the column name and column type.
Data Row
Data row is a collection of column values and belongs to System.Data namespace. It is an index object, which returns the index number or a column name.

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