DLL hell Problem and solution

Problem of Dll-Hell


Before some time, if we install an application then dll of that application get stored in the registry, then if we install other application that has same name .dll  that means previously installed .dll get overwrite by the same name new .dll. Ok for newly installed application but previously installed application cant get execute further. This is big problem in context of version of same application. This is Dell-Hell problem.
Dll Hell refers to a set of problems caused when multiple applications attempt to share a common component like a dynamic link library (DLL).The reason for this issue was that the version information about the different components of an application was not recorded by the system.

Solution of Dll-Hell Problem

This problem of dynamic link library (.dll) is resolved through Versioning.


Versioning is the technique to provide version to the .dll to prevent them from replacement. GAC (Global assembly cache) is the separate memory like cache it is used to remove load form operating system.

To add version in assembly we just write in Program

versin mmmmm.GIF

We can do versioning only with shared assembly because to install .dll in GAC so we need to have strong key name.

Authentication:verification, to be verify.

Authorization  :Providing Role, to provide power ,step after authentication in role.

To see the parts of an assembly:

open cmd prompt of Visual studio and write - ILDASM

ILDASM: is a tool to see the content (metadata) of Assembly.