Do You Learn Technology For Passion Or Profession


In this blog, I share with you few important tips on why to learn technology and how to learn it in the right direction. Also, I share the steps to choose and implement technology. Always try to make your passion into a profession. So, that your interest in something will turn into your profession and that I learn from my own experience. Every rise and fall in Technology is an opportunity for me to learn and make it my forever passion.

Let's Know About My Opinion About Technology

Technology is a passion and profession of mine and I enjoy nothing more than learning the trends that technology is taking in huge order to work and build more efficiently and see progress and success. I have a passion for finding new and more productive ways to reach goals. Mapping out the technological solutions for the upcoming future is an important and vital way to ensure efficiency is reached in each and every process possible. I learn technology because of my passion for technology. 

What Is Profession

This term related to working fields where the person works and that can be an Engineer, Doctor, Artist, Advocate. This one will give you money as well as a good social life. So, We need this thing from passion which will run for a long-term manner.  

What Is Passion

Learning something new, having an adventure in that particular field. I have few examples of really great persons who have given this world a new look because of their passion for Technology.


Facebook was founded by Mark Zuckerberg. He developed an interest in computer programming at an early age.


Microsoft was founded by Bill Gates. He built his first computer program on the General Electric machine.


Apple was founded by Steve Jobs. He was one of the youngest people to be featured on the Forbes list of the country’s richest people; a big feat without inheriting any family wealth.


Google was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Initially, Page and Brin collaborated on a search engine called “BackRub”. After two years of improvement, the two collaborated to develop Google’s online search engine in 1998.
These people are successful because of their hard work, passion towards technology and their passion has given away to build their strong profession and Now you can see these people are successful entrepreneurs of successful companies.

Why learn technology

Before learning technology we need to choose the right technology. So, We learn technology not make only for income resources but also make as a strong passion for it. Sometimes the profession we choose goes to failure because of a lack of interest and passion towards it. So, My suggestion is a combination of interest with passion towards technology gives you a successful profession in life. We learn techniques to teach others, help others and give the world a new era for modern life.

How to learn technology

There is no specific educational background is required to learn. These can be possible only and only because of your interest and passion for technology. I have given a few examples,
  • Bill Gates left Harvard after two years, opting instead to start his own computer software company.
  • Steve Jobs, the iconic co-founder of Apple, never graduated, even if he did attend college. He dropped out of it midway, likely because he believed that schools and colleges were useless places. 
  • Zuckerberg dropped out of Harvard in his sophomore year.
The easy and most effective step to learn technology is to build a fixed goal towards passion in technology. 

Choose and Implement technology

To choose technology, You will follow the tech news and doing analysis about the technology which occupies today's market. Always upgrade the skill that not only gives you a strong profession but also gives you an endless life to learn more. You can implement technology in health, transportation, weather, and many more thing to give a new era to the world. The world will remember you forever.

Profession without interest

I have seen that many people are working in IT sector as technical background but they are not happy in their field because they choose profession by following others and they think IT sector or Private sector gives more money rather than Govt sector. So, what happens is they can't survive in the IT sector because of a lack of interest in technology and passion for it. So, my suggestion is profession can't make you successful but if you add passion to a profession that can be possible. Many people work in the IT sector but they suggest their friends and family prefer a career in Govt sector because they are not happy enough in their profession because of a lack of interest and passion by following others.
These types of people never been successful in their profession and never let you successful in your profession. In a survey, it is found that 65% people in IT sector are working because of money and they sit on only one specific work for a long time. Even they switch company to company not because of upgrade skill but because of more money.
Remember one thing, If you run behind money the money will run away but if you run behind your passion and interest in technology then money will follow you and there will be no limit. Successful people always follow this trick ever.

Learn Technology For Passion Or Profession

For both, we learn technology. The first thing we make interest and passion towards technology and that will give you success in your career in the profession with no doubt. So,  Interest + Passion = Successful Profession and if one of them is missing then a career will not exist for the long term. Do not follow others for making decisions on a career. Always build your own interest to make a career in technology. One important thing is always to Learn, Share and Upgrade technical skills as much as you can. One day you will feel better, unique, and successful. That can be possible only because of one thing, This is TECHNOLOGY.


In this session what we learn,
  • What are Profession and Passion
  • How to make a career in Technology
  • Why make a career in Technology
  • Example of successful people who has invested their whole life on Technology