Do's And Don'ts To Become A Testing Professional As A Fresher


Engineering colleges are springing up nowadays as a wild mushroom and yearly 1.5 million engineering graduates are passing. In this number, 20-33% are hired and the rest of them are failing to grab an employment in the respective industry. Finally, they are ending up joining call centers or BPO units in MNC that could be disastrous for them in future.

I have interviewed some of the fresher’s and noted down that they were unable to perform well even though they scored good marks in their academics. This experience knocked me to write this blog and share few tips from my experience to help such fresh minds to get through the interviews.

Understand the designation you apply for

Before appearing for the interview, understand the nature of the job; you are willing to apply. Yes, most of the students are not aware of which position they have even applied. This made me felt very sad. If you applied for a position, just go to the company’s Website and get to know the background and nature of the product/Service; they are in. This would be the additional benefit during your interview process.

Be strong in the basic concepts

Many students seem like they spent around 1460 days only for getting marks and strive to sustain the top positions throughout their academics. Obviously, without the clear understanding of the concepts studying just for marks would not help you out to get through the interview and get a good job. Kindly pay attention to the concepts rather than memorizinng. Be strong in all the basic concepts before appearing for an interview.

Explaining with small examples

It will be a good idea to explain all the concepts with real-time examples. This practice will give a good impression to the interviewer. An interview is an opportunity to present yourself and your skills to your level best. Make sure you make the most out of it. You are the best one to do it.

Be confident and bold enough in your points

The interview is not just limited to testing your knowledge base, but we are also interested in knowing your ability to apply it. Remember the interviewer is not there to grill the confidence out of you but to bring forth the best in. Just in case, you are stuck, ask for a hint. Things might just click. Also, stay alert for clues. A clear verbal communication implies clarity of the thought process.

Engage the interviewer interesting

The interview process is a two-way exchange of information. Many interviewers may ask the students; the subjects that she/he wishes to be interviewed upon. Here’s a golden opportunity. Answer this wisely. Never end up choosing a difficult subject that you know only little about, rather choose the one; you are most confident of. This will make your interview interesting.


As a fresher, most of the time, you would not have the full knowledge about the test cases, how it would be? And where to start with? In such cases, I recommend you to join in a well-reputed training center that offers hands-on testing training. Nowadays, most job openings require you to have some certifications. This is made mandatory by most of the companies, since there cannot be any special training needed from day 1 and no amount of money and time is required to be spent on training the candidates on the basic concepts.
If you are serious about the testing career, I would recommend clearing certifications like, ISTBQ will enhance your value in the job market.

Last but not least,

"The company is in need for good candidates and you need a good company to launch your career"
All the best young minds!!!

- Passionate tester.