DPlayer: A Media Player Developed Using C#

A big hello to all of you. My name is Deepank Pant and I am posting a blog about creating a media player, using C#. C# is a general purpose programming language, which was developed by Microsoft for their .NET platform. You can develop Windows applications with ease, using C#.
There are many  ways to develop a media player using C#. One way is to use external libraries like AForge.NET, which uses FFMPEG decoder. It is a very easy way to use Windows Media Player COM component. You just have to import COM component and use it in your application.
Another way is to use proprietary library. Go to Visual Studio market and you can find many paid third party libraries , which are basically COM components. Obiviously, these libraries are not free. You have to pay a small amount of fees in order to use them.
A yet another way is to use activeX plugin. You can use activeX plugin of many well known media players like VLC media player, Winamp and many more. I myself have created a media player, using VLC activeX plugin. If you would like to view it, click the link given below.

Media Player developed using C#

I hope, this blog is useful.