EasyQuiz - A Quiz Application Project In ASP.NET Core MVC 5.0


EasyQuiz is a quiz application project in ASP.NET Core MVC 5.0 which will help us to learn and implement the features in Real-World Applications.



  • Visual Studio 2019
  • SQL Server 2019
  • .NET Core SDK 5.0

NuGet packages used in this project

Configure and run the project

  • Clone the complete code from Github https://github.com/ArnabMSDN/Quiz-Application.git 
  • Open solution Quiz-Application.sln in Visual Studio 2019
  • Create a new database
  • Make Changes in Connection Strings in the appsettings.json file to connect the database
  • Run the ‘Update-Database’ command in Package Manager Console to create the tables inside the database.
  • Build the solution which will restore all NuGet Packages
  • Run Database Script which is provided
  • Run Quiz-Application.Web Project

Database Structure

The structure of the database is very simple. The result table holds the information for the people taking the test.

Folder Structure

Quiz-Application.Web is the main ASP.NET Core project and Quiz-Application.Services contain all Entities. It is also used to access the database and write business logic. Quiz-Application.Services project can be accessed in Quiz-Application.Web project.

Record the Session

WebRTC is used here to record the entire quiz session. Captured Session is stored in a folder.

Generate Score Report (PDF)

DinkToPdf library is used here which uses Webkit engine to convert HTML to PDF for creating the Score Report.

public async Task<IActionResult> CreatePDF(ReqCertificate argPDFRpt)
   ResPDF obj = null;
       string html = await _result.GetCertificateString(argPDFRpt);
       string UploadFolder = Path.Combine(Directory.GetCurrentDirectory(), "wwwroot", "UploadedFiles/Report");
       string UniqueFileName = argPDFRpt.CandidateID + "_Certificate.pdf";
       string UploadPath = Path.Combine(UploadFolder, UniqueFileName);
       var globalSettings = new GlobalSettings
           ColorMode = ColorMode.Color,
           Orientation = Orientation.Landscape,
           PaperSize = PaperKind.A4,
           Margins = new MarginSettings { Top = 10, Bottom = 10 },
           Out = UploadPath
       var objectSettings = new ObjectSettings
           PagesCount = true,
           HtmlContent = html,
           WebSettings = { DefaultEncoding = "utf-8" },
       var htmlToPdfDocument = new HtmlToPdfDocument()
           GlobalSettings = globalSettings,
           Objects = { objectSettings },
       obj = new ResPDF();
       obj.IsSuccess = true;
       obj.Path = "/UploadedFiles/Report/" + UniqueFileName;
   catch (Exception ex)
       obj.IsSuccess = false;
       obj.Path = null;
       throw new Exception(ex.Message, ex.InnerException);                 
   return Json(obj);



Please note that W3.CSS is a standard CSS only and used here to make this application responsive and mobile-friendly.