E-book market and development

In smart devices market e-Books are taking a good space. For reading e-books, apple introduced iBook. According to apple they have sold around 1 bn books from iBooks. Now many companies have launched their own tablets for e-book reading. Kindle fire is most popular device for ebook reading. Below are some formats of books for smart devices.

PDF: All Smart devices allow pdf reader for pdf reading. User can purchase and read pdf from iStore, amazon. page swipe, tabel of content  bookmark, search, text formats feature available for pdf reading

e-Book: This is most suitable format. Because development of e-book is very easy. e-books made by HTML5. Simple ebooks contains only text and images. 

Read aloud: Some publisher started making of  read aloud books. This version is suitable for children interactive books. animations, sound, video and games are feature of Read aloud books. 

Some feature of e-book reader APPS:
  1. Table of content for page access
  2. Page swipe for page change
  3. Book mark for saving page
  4. Search
  5. Font family selection
  6. Font size selection
  7. Page flip effects.
Amazon started cloud ebook reader functionality. In this you can purchase any book from amazon and can read on browser. amazon save purchased book list, current page number and other settings on cloud server. And when you change device it automatic sync the data and you can continue read the book.

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