Else-If Condition in Python


In this blog, I will explain about the Elseif condition in Python. It will display in the Run module.
Software Requirement
Python 3.5.2 or above
Simple programming
  1. print('Welcome To Tutor Joes...')    
  2. print('Else If Statement :')    
  3. value=input("Enter The Value :")    
  5. if int(value)==5:    
  6.     print("Equal To 5..")    
  7. elif int(value)>5:    
  8.     print("Greater Than 5..")    
  9. else:    
  10.     print("lesser Than 5..")     
In this blog, I explained about the elif or 'elseif' condition. It will be executed and printed, as per the condition, being evaluated.
Welcome To Tutor Joes...
Else If Statement :
Enter The Value:2
lesser Than 5..