Enable Entity Records for Dynamics 365 Partner Portals


If you are working with Partner Portal, you may notice that you are not able to see records in Portal even though you have all the required permission setup correctly. We are going to discuss another quick check that you can do while not getting data.

The most common reason when you are not able to see the data is portal security, for example, you may not have a proper web role or it may be the scope under web role is not defined correctly to access these sets of records. But if you have already checked these, there is another option in the partner portal which you can check.
While logged in to Dynamics 365 Partner Portal with the user having a partner portal manager web role, the user not able to see any price list under opportunity.
But when checked, the partner manager web role already has global access to the price list, which means he/she should be able to see all the price lists without any issue.
The next thing we can check quickly is the view which is displayed in the lookup. Normally in Dynamics 365 CE in lookup control, lookup view is displayed, but when the partner portal is configured it creates a view specific to the partner portal. If you will check that view you will see it will only display records in the partner portal which should have this following specific field setup.
After setting up this field we should be able to see the price list under partner portals.
I hope that this will help someone!!