Encryptor Decryptor - An Encryption System Developed Using C#

Data Security is one of the major concerns in digital society today. Every day, we hear the news of hacking, cracking and stealing the data. The concept of privacy is becoming a myth in today's digital society. Well, there are many solutions, which help you to encrypt your data but most of them are proprietary and charge a huge amount of money. For example, software called Folder Lock is a very good proprietary software to protect your data, but the main concern is the money which they are charging. The other alternative to this approach is that you can search for the crack version of the given software. This wastes a lot of your time. 
I have developed a system called an encryptor decryptor, which you can use to encrypt any file you like. You can protect your personal data by encrypting it with Encryptor Decryptor. It uses AES 256 bit encryption algorithm, which is a very strong algorithm and hard to break. If you want to check out my software, you can follow the link given below.
Feel free to comment and tell me, if you need any other functionality.

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