Extension Manager and Manage NuGet Package in Visual Studio

Extension Manager looks very similar to Manage NuGet Package which leads to confusion to many developers.  I have tried below to give overview of Extension Manager and Manage NuGet Package. 

Extension Manager:
Extension Manager installs extension which extends the Visual Studio.
GO to Tools - Extension Manager, see Figure 1.1
Extension manager In Menu.JPG
Figure 1.1

Click on Online Gallery tab
- Default most popular gallery will be displayed.  You can search extensions from search box  or you can navigate from the paging, see Figure 1.2
Extension manager.JPG

 Figure 1.2
Manage NuGet Package:
NuGet is package management tool for .Net in Visual Studio. It helps developer to add, update and delete the external library and their dependency in your application. Also you can create package from GuNet and share to the world.

Click on Project menu à Manage NuGet Package to open, see Figure 1.3

NuGet in Menu.JPG
Figure 1.3
Or you can right click on reference folder and select Manage NuGet Package in your project, see Figure 1.4
NuGet in popup menu.JPG
Figure 1.4
Click on Online tab in Manage NuGet Package, most popular library will be display default, see figure 1.5.
Figure 1.5

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