Features Of Swift 3.0

Introduction of Swift 3.0

The series of articles are continuing and I am here to tell you that the beta version of Xcode 8 beta 2 and Swift 3.0 have been released in the programming languages. There is a great change appearing in Swift 3.0, so that the top developers in the world are taking an  interest in enhanced Swift. Apple conducted an online survey to make Swift better. In this blog, I will discuss the new features in Swift 3.0 and hopefully in the next articles, I will explain them one by one by giving the coding examples, which will help you to understand the concept and enhance your love of Apple technologies.

New Features of Swift 3.0

  • Allow (most) keywords as the arguments labels.
  • Remove the ++ and – Operators.
  • Remove the C-Style for the loops with the conditions and the increment.
  • Tuples Comparison Operators.
  • Replace type alias keyword with the associated type for the associated type declarations.
  • Swift language version builds the configuration checkup system.
  • Naming functions with the argument labels.
  • Referencing the objective C selector of a method.
  • Modernizing swift debugging identifiers.
  • Removing carrying function declaration of syntax.
  • Removing var keyword for the function's parameters.
  • Migrate project Swift 2.2 to Swift 3.0.

The new features of Swift 3.0 are listed, above. Now, you are ready to use Swift 3.0.