Fedora Media Writer on Windows 8.1

This article will talk about the rewrite of the live-usb creator for Windows which is Fedora Media Writer.

Requites for the process

  1. Admin Privileges of the system
  2. HDD space of about 5GB
  3. Flash Drive of 8BG
  4. Good internet access

Steps to follow

  1. Download the .zip file from here [Thanks To Martin!]
  2. Extract and zip and run liveusb-creator.exe with admin privilege

** Before you race off and run the rest ofthe  steps a point to not is that you will require a good amount of space in the hard disk partition as the Fedora Media Writer will be downloading the image in this folder before writing it to your USB.

** Make sure the USB flash drive is blank as this process will be wiping all the data before writing Fedora in it.

Fedora Media Writer
                                                                                    Fedora Media Writer

Fedora Media Writer
                                           Select the Fedora distribution you want to go ahead with

Fedora Media Writer

 After downloading you can verify the image here.

Now after you are done writing to the disk you can start the installation and check the consistency of the media and how it performs.