Gesture recognition using radar technology - Google's Project Soli

Google’s Advanced Technology And Projects (ATAP) group showed off its latest technologies at Google's I/O few days ago. One of the most exciting technologies that I came across was project Soli.
Last few years were the time of smartphones and coming years are going to be of wearables. One of the major problems with wearables like smatwatches is interaction with them. Its cumbersome to tap on those small screens and get anything done, even the voice commands are unreliable. Interaction using gestures is the way to go but is inaccurate right now. Google is trying to treat this problem by using gesture recognition at a very small level.
Google is working on the latest advancements in hardware to use radar technology to detect smallest and the most accurate gestures. This technology can even detect the smallest movement you make using your fingers. Consider moving your fingers to change volume, twitch to switch on or off a device. The possiblities for its use is vast.
Just watch this video to get the idea.