Get More Than 100 Items Using "Get Item" SharePoint Action In FLOW


Consider a scenario where you need to send email reminders to all the approvers who haven’t acted on one of the business processes. You need to get all such items and send an email to each of the approvers. This can be done by Scheduled FLOW. You can use Get Items action to get SharePoint list items, and you can even use ODATA query filters in it.
Problem is that it returns on 100 items by default. This is Get Items action which we are talking about. Even if you provide Top count, it will only bring top 100 items by default.
When I run this FLOW >> Check out the below result, I have created an HTML table using the output of Get Items action output. It could fetch the top 100 items.
Let’s see how we can get more than 100 items using the same action.


Go back to your FLOW in edit mode. Select Get Items action >> From more Menu options, click on Settings
The below window will open up. There are various configurations available in this window. We need to bother about the first two options only.
The first option is the Pagination. We need to enable it so that connectors know that it needs to paginate until the threshold is reached.
The second option is the threshold. Here, you can specify how many items you want in response. By default, it brings only 100, let’s say I want 500 items to be fetched. So, I have mentioned 500 in the threshold.
That’s it, click on Done. Run the FLOW again and see the result below now >> It fetched the top 500 items from my SharePoint list.
Thanks for reading. Hope this helps.