Get Hands-On On Azure For Free

In this blog, you will learn about getting started with Microsoft Azure.

Get To Hands On Azure For Free 
Go on to, and use your free Azure subscription. All you need is a credit card to verify the account and then, you go on with your journey with the best cloud providing solution platform.

Things you get with a free account include the following. You get all of this and you will not be charged until you choose to upgrade:

  • 12 months of popular free services + ₹13,300 credit to explore services for 30 days + Always free 25+ services.
  • Host a Database, or launch a Virtual Machine, either Linux or Windows. Get file storage or  Blob Storage for free with some limited amount of resources free for a year and some of the tools, functions, and services are free for a lifetime. (LIMITED).

If you need a bit more resources, I suggest you start the pay-as-you-go subscription because that is the minimal cost at which you are getting the resources at the best platform.

But still, I know there are people who still want to hunt for free services. I know some things that I guess you should know too.

Free Azure Subscription for 1 year, 25$ a month each

Now, how do you get that? I suggest you go to Visual Studio Dev Essentials. There, you can activate the free subscriptions including the above free items,  plus $25 a month, throughout the year.

Visual Studio Dev Essentials  - Go ahead, this is your chance to activate it.

Azure for Students Starter

  • Available to high school or secondary students*
  • Limited to web and mobile app development scenarios
  • A limited collection of free products including Azure App Services, Visual Studio Team Services, and Notification Hubs
  • No Credit Card Required

Students can get their free student subscription by verifying their Educational Identity; No credit card needed.

Simply verify your student status through your school email address and you are ready to go with 25+ free products – Explore virtual machines, artificial intelligence (AI), databases and more. Get Started Here.

$100 in free credit – Use your credits with any Azure product to build a class project or a hackathon. Azure can be used for various stuff, and it is very useful to learn and understand the working of Azure. It helps in making the work of handling the server and working on cloud servers at the same time easy.