Get Your Colleague's Contact Number Using Microsoft Graph API

Ususally, we may not store or know our colleagues' numbers. When an emergency occurs, we may try  to search for his/her number with other coworkers or search for the number from their Outlook profile.
Instead of doing all of the above things, Microsoft Graph API has a solution for this. And we can achieve it by using a single rest API. If we are aware of the colleague's email id, we can fetch his contact number information.
Let’s do it by using Microsoft Graph Explorer instead of coding or searching through other items. Follow the below the steps to get the contact number of the person from your organization:
  • Navigate to the Microsoft Graph Explorer
  • Log in to the tool using your organization ID, using the button “Sign in Graph Explorer”.
  • Select v1.0 from the version’s Request dropdown
  • Select the GET operation
  • Enter the below Graph API endpoint in URL textbox<email id>?$select=mobilePhone,businessPhones
  • Ensure you are be approved with User.Read.All permission scope
Microsoft Graph API only fetches if the user has stored his/her number in the organization's directory.