Getting Started With Python

  • Python is a high-level and general purpose dynamic programming language. It can be used to solve both the larger and smaller scale problems. Python supports multiple programming paradigms and has its own standard library. Along with this, it also has the automatic memory storage capacity and the other features of a dynamic language.

  • Most importantly, Python is an open source language and free to learn. Python was first introduced in December 1989 by Guido Van Rossum at CWI, in Netherlands.
Software RequirementPython 3.1 and 2.7.10.
Installing Python

Step 1: Download the Python software from Google or this link.

Step 2: 
After downloading the software, click the software and start installing Python. You will get the following screen.


Now, Click Next.

The installation wizard will start installing the software in your PC.


Click Finish. Your system is now ready to use Python.
Simple Program in Python
  1. print("Hello World")  
  • When you start Python, you will get to see the following kind of screen with version and other information of Python. Write the below shown code and you will get the output on same page.