Getting Started with Python in Visual Studio 2015

Python is one of the most powerful languages now with capabilities within Visual Studio 2015 and we can make strikingly powerful application with it.

We will use Visual Studio 2015 template to create a new app with Python.

Let's take a look at the flow,

We now open a project in Visual Studio with Python option,


Now let's make a simple program.we will just see fibonacci series in Python,

we will use looping technique.

Here is the code for it,

  1. def fib(n):  
  2. a,b = 1,1  
  3. for i in range(n-1):  
  4. a,b = b,a+b  
  5. return a  
  6. print fib(5)  

Click on run to see the output.



We have seen how easy it is to write Python code in Visual Studio 2015 and compile it.


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