GetX In Flutter

In this blog, I am going to discuss the GetX micro-framework of Flutter and we will see the benefits of using GetX in Flutter.

What is GetX?

GetX is a micro-framework of Flutter, that provides an extra-light, reactive state management, and powerful solution for Flutter.

GetX provides a combination of state management, dependency injection, and route management solutions that work together.

Why Choose GetX?

If Flutter is already a framework then why should you  choose a micro-framework(GetX) for cross-app development in Flutter? So here are some benefits or features that GetX is providing.


GetX provides high performance and minimum consumption of resources. GetX does not use Streams or ChangeNotifier.


Business logic is separated from UI, and even dependencies can be separated using GetX Bindings.


GetX provides i18n out of the box allowing you to write applications with various language support.

State Management

GetX is its intuitive state management feature. State management in GetX can be achieved with little or no boilerplate.

Route Management

GetX provides API for navigating within the Flutter application. This API is simple and with less code needed.

Dependency Management

GetX provides a smart way to manage dependencies in your Flutter application like the view controllers. GetX will remove any controller not being used at the moment from memory automatically.


GetX provides validation methods for performing input validation in your Flutter applications, so no need to install any extra package for validation.


GetX provides a fast, extra light, and synchronous key-value in memory, which backs up data to disk at each operation. It is written entirely in Dart and easily integrates with the core GetX package.

Change Theme

While we are using GetX we don’t need to use any higher level widget than the “GetMaterialApp” widget and also we don’t need to use the “ThemeProvider” widget for changing themes.

Installation Of GetX

Open package’s pubspec.yaml file and add the below dependency 


get: ^4.3.8

Then open the terminal and hit the pub get command

$flutter pub add get

Now you can use it in your Dart code.


For more information please check out the below URLs,