Girls Who Code

Recently I was featured in Microsoft Women empowerment initiative video named "Girls who Code".
12 girls (including me) from Egypt, Turkey, UAE, Pakistan, Ghana, Mauritius, Nigeria and Tunisia share their story on how they started coding and their experience with it.
Currently I'm working with Microsoft as Microsoft Student Partner. I'm MSP from University of Engineering and Technology Lahore It was a good feeling being part of this initiative. I really feel women are more competent coders than men. Sometimes it's true sometimes not, So apologies if it hurt you.
Computer science is an emerging field, and everyone can contribute their part in it. There are various fields, development, designing, research, writing etc. So it's good for Girls to dive in it and explore the opportunities. Girls should never loose hope and should always be looking more means through which they can excel.
In this video you will see different girls from different countries who share their coding experience including me.
Hope you will enjoy, and more girls will be encouraged to code. Happy Coding :)