Google's Project: ARA

Google's Project: ARA

People are different these days, so as their thinking and demand for a technology. Some want a better camera in their phone, some want long lasting battery life, some want better screen and some other want better memory.

These demands differ with the peoples. So in the modern tech era we guys need a phone that can easily fulfill every individual need (related to tech, features on their phones). Suppose, if am a gamer then I can demand a phone having better internal application space storage, better processor and graphics. Now, according to my need I’ll buy a Smartphone having better graphics, internal app storage and graphics and all ends here..

But.. Does it really end here?

Now am taking another situation. Suppose after a few times I fall in love with photography.. That’s good. Photography is fun as coding. So what am supposed to do for that. I have 2 solutions for this situation in my pocket.

Or, buy a camera

(But neither I want to buy a new phone nor have a strong budget to buy a camera.. Then in that situation, what am supposed to do?)

I think most of the times people will say go buy a new phone. Okay am agree am also among them and will buy a new phone with good camera quality. But

What will happen.. if..if my need will going to change again?

Again buy a new phone.

No, this is not a true solution. The one and only solution to all the problems related to these types of situations and lots other situation is-

ARA (A Smartphone by Google)

Here's a view of that phone

(This phone may be looking ordinary, but guys when i will write a complete article on it. Then you'll feel the way, am feeling.

Till then keep sharing.)