Handle Request by IIS in ASP.NET

Type our application url (.aspx) in browser and press enter, then what will happen?
We will get the response in terms of html, but how it is possible? 
  1. First request goes to the web server and it will check which ISAPI extension is requesting to server. In the case of .aspx, request goes  to aspnet_isapi.dll for processing our application.

    Then it will check if request is coming first time or not.

  2. If request is coming for the first time, then application manager will create application domain where application runs.

  3. ASP.NET created objects like HttpContext, HttpRequest, HttpResponse.

  4. Then application is started by creating the object of HttpApplication class.
Then HttpApplication class starts processing the request.
First global.asax page will fire, according to page life cycle events on page will be fired
the request process is as-: