Help + Support In Power Platform Admin Center


The Help + Support feature is part of the Power Platform Admin center available at this link here. As the name suggests, it is one place where we can raise new support requests for any issues in Power Platform tenants or use Virtual Bots to solve our issues. Let's see an example below of how we can leverage this feature efficiently.


Recently I came across an issue in my Power Platform storage capacity where it exceeded the capacity of my actual tenant capacity. As you may know, for community plan (then) or power platform developer plan (now) trial tenants have 1GB of storage capacity for databases, files, and logs.

Just like in the below picture, you see the storage capacity has exceeded the actual capacity. But this is my developer plan trial tenant and I don't actually have that much data stored in my default environment. Then why is it that it shows me exceeded? To understand this I used the Help + Support feature in the admin center.

Help + Support In Power Platform Admin Center

It is our tendency to jump to our desired search engine and find answers on various forums, Microsoft docs, and communities, etc. We can do the same thing by staying within the Microsoft Power Platform admin center which provides us an in-house chatbot experience where we can ask our queries related to the issues we are facing and it provides the most suitable solutions.

What I did next was, click on Help + Support in the left-hand navigation of the admin center.


Click on New support request,

Help + Support In Power Platform Admin Center

Select Power Apps like in the below screenshot,

Help + Support In Power Platform Admin Center

Select Storage and capacity,

Help + Support In Power Platform Admin Center

And now select Open the Virtual Agent,

Help + Support In Power Platform Admin Center

See in this video here, how I make use of Virtual Agent to find answers to my queries within the admin center.

This is just one example, if you are a Power Platform Admin and in need of support within a stipulated time frame, this is how you can make use of the Help + Support Virtual agent bot.

Hope you find my learning useful.

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