How Automation Can Boost Your Lead Generation By 80%

Last week I was attending a webinar and my colleague who is the school director raised one concern.

And here is the story: she purchased db from some sources and sent emails and messages to all those contacts and some of them warned her to raise a police complaint against her, so how can we do marketing automation if this is the case. OMG, this is how people use automation for generating leads.

How many of you believe that customer data, we can get in bulk after paying some $$ are interested in your product or services?

It is like offering hot tea on a hot summer day. Even customers will drink and raise 1000 complaints.

Lead generation is all about getting prospects in need. And using digital media we have many ways to get it. But yes, it needs the right effort.

To get the right prospect for your business, it is very important that you talk about your targeted customer problems on digital media and make a connection or hook which can pull them to come to your lead generation tool and those are,


You should post about your customer’s problems on blogging sites, where customers can connect and come to your site for more information. Still blogging is the most effective way of generating leads.

Search Engine

This is very time taking but you can do it by putting the right content on your website for targeted customers. And by putting the right search keywords on your site. This way is also very effective but works for only a small number of people. Everyone can’t be on top in search results. So, it is quite boring for me.

Paid Ad

This is most effective as providers promote your post to interested users based on their user actions. Facebook and YouTube ads are very effective nowadays. But it also depends on how effective your pitch is.


Most effective channel for both organic and paid ads. Video content is now a key medium in the market. This must be done by every business to engage their customers.

Now the question comes to mind: how can you automate this complete process? Let’s see the complete process in steps.

Content Automation

You can find any paid or unpaid tool which will give you complete insight of social media proof. Which topic and content is most popular in your customer segment. Which will help you to generate the right title and content for your niche. For example, you can use google trend or buzzsumo sites for finding right content and topics. This comes under advanced automation because here human and AI both processes are involved.

Posting and Reply Automation

Using AI posting tools like, you can automate your social media posting and replies. It will help you to be consistent in posting contents on social media and it is quite important to build the right reputation.

Lead capture Automation

Your website is the best example for lead capture automation process where you can exchange contact with some high-level solution for your customer problems. And insert data in the CRM as a lead.

Marketing Automation

It’s all about sending the right email to customers and tracking actions which defines customer interest. Marketing automation shoots some deeper level contents related to customer interest. And opt for meetings and appointments. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing Automation plays a very important role in it.

Sale process

This also comes under advance automation where well trained salespeople communicate with prospects and do proper negotiations and sell your product or services. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Automation is a very effective automation platform. You must check it once it is also available on trial basis.

ERP Automation

Once sale is converted it comes to your automated ERP system which takes over your accounting operations and services. Business Central one of my recommendations for ERP and Accounting Automation.

Customer Relationship Automation

This module helps you track customer experience to redefine your product and service or launch new products and services. It also helps businesses to generate more income using existing customers. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement is now used by most big and small enterprises, and it is also very effective to design the right product and service and it increases your customer satisfaction rate by 20-50%.

This is how a lead should be generated and served by your business. And automation helps to speed up your process, score leads, increase customer engagement.

Hope this helps you to plan your automation.