How You Can Motivate Your Team

Recently, I wrote an article on the responsibility of team leaders and I have received awesome response and feedback. Here is the link to team-leading article,

This motivated me to write more and here is the outcome! Yes, today, I am writing about Motivation. In this blog, I am focusing on important aspects of motivation. Hopefully, this write-up will enable you to identify what motivates people and how do we find best approaches to achieve these identified motivation tips.

Motivation can be in any form. It can be of type of work we are doing or can be of relationship we are having with the surroundings. Some of us get motivated by the type of assignments we are getting, and technical details involved in it. And, there is a category of people who are sensitive to the relationship and get motivated by concerns of the surrounding people.

Here are a few points that would help to motivate people around you.


  • Observe the work
    When you assign some tasks to your team, make sure to observe how he/she would execute the assigned tasks. Encourage them to complete the tasks rather than just asking the status. Your team should always feel comfortable talking to you or to approach you.

  • Listen
    Always listen carefully to every concern or feedback from the person who you want to motivate. Collect the opinion from your surrounding people even though you have the complete privilege to take some decisions alone. This gives comfortable feel to the people around you.

  • Walk through the concepts and take sessions
    Share your learnings through different channels, like blogs or team meetings/sessions. This is the key to motivating people around you.

  • Be energetic
    Always try to be energetic and share smile around. People around you should get confident that their leader would stand strong against any odds in the organization and will help them to grow along with.

  • Appreciate
    Appreciation is another key of motivation. I am sure all of us had the great moment of receiving the appreciation and it's kind of recharging our cells!

  • No to micromanaging
    Don't be strict on office timings, be flexible. Allow your team to walk in/out on their preferred timings. As long as the team is able to execute the work with quality, you have no need to worry. 


Good luck!