How do I Convert Word Doc to PDF using GMail On Chrome

There are a lot of online resources available to convert Word Doc to PDF. But i am going to tell you that how to use Gmail's Print option in Chrome to Create PDF file from Word Doc. You all guys might be known to this, but it is for new bees.
   1.   Open you gmail account.
   2.   Compose a mail with the document attached with it.
   3.   Send the document [.doc] file to your email it self.
   4.   Now Open the received mail.
   5.   Just Click on the attachment document. [Dont download it but just click on it]
   6.   Now you will get a popup displaying your word document.
   7.   At the Top, you might see Print icon. Just click it.
   8.   You will be navigated to the Print Page of Chrome. 
   9.   Now Click on "Change" button to change the Printer. In the available Printers, just select Save as PDF
   10. Click on Save button.
   11.   You are Done. You doc is converted as PDF.