How Do I Manage My Time For Work, Family And Community

Many people ask me this question as how do I manage my time for work, family, and for the community contributions like article writing, community support, and for speaking. For all these questions, I have only one answer, i.e., "Time does not manage me and I manage the time".

We might seen many persons to whom whenever we ask for some meetup or help or support, their response will be something like I’m busy and can’t make it. Some people are like this. They have some promise with others or they have to complete a work or meeting but they cannot do or follow because they are always busy in other work or they might just sleep in thier home and then they will say that as really sorry for that as I completely forgot about the meeting because I wasso busy and doing other works. I really hate this kind of people. They don’t know how to manage their time for doing the works.We should give priority based time alotment and management for our works,This priority should always be made by us some time due to other urgency we will change the plan and if we shift our work then we should always reschedule with our new time management for any type of works.This time management mostly will be done from by our thinking and in hearts that we wont forget and do as per our mind and heart is telling.

Some people can ask me as even I have message you sir for few times but you didn’t response me then how can you tell others. Answer to this question is very simple, mostly I will check and response to all the message from social media as well as in my article comments. Initially I saw few peoples will ask for real help, in case of help if someone ask me how can I do this then I can guide them as this are all the ways and you can select one and do your best. I can’t do their code but I can only guide them on how to do that. In later days they will come up with code part asking to solve it, as for that all induvial support I really don’t have time , I don’t have time as per day 5 people asl to solve and help on my code I can’t make it and yes, I’m, selfish on that as mostly I will avoid one person comment answers , what I will think is instead of helping one person to solve their code I can write a article at that time which will be useful for 1000 of peoples. Another thing what will happen means if I start helping for code part today every time the member will ask me all small code helps which will not make him to develop by himself. For any type of code support there is forums in all community and if we post our question many people can answer that and you can pick which you need. In simple way I can tell you as If you ask me technical support I can support you and if ask me to help on your code then you are wasting your time and also my time. one day one friend ask his question to me to help on his code and after 3 days he’s telling sir I’m waiting for your replay to solve it. If he has tried with the help of google he can complete the same task on same day and no need to wait for 3 days.First peoples should be confident on them self and for all the technical and code part questions first try with google as Google is the best helper for all of us.Insted of asking to someone help and support and wating for thier response ,the quick solution is first search with Google using different keyword and suerly you will get what you need and this will save lots of your time aswell us you will be happy as you have saved your code with out others help.

I have also seen few members will send me Good Morning, Good Evening messages and If I ask what can I help you and their answer will be as Just I ping you sir to say greetings. Next time onward if they message me I will avoid to response them as again they are wasting their time and my time. I never send any greeting message to any of the popular article contributor, I love my work and its my passion that leads to me at this position, there is no use of sending any greeting message to any one unless if it’s really needed. Now I have to tell this also as I have never tagged in my post with any popular article contributor in my post. If you do this then you are disqualifying yourself from the community work. Be unique and do your work from heart and with passion that passion will leads you to your destiny. All this which have talked will come under time management so if you want to manage the time and doing all the above activities then kindly avoid it and do more focus on how to utilize your time for yourself and for other’s.

If you can use all your free time (means which is completly waste time) like watching TV ,playing games, and spending time with friends for meaningless talks.You can use all this time to improve your quality ,All this times are most valuable so all you need to do is on think about how to use all this time to imrove ourself and make it as useful time to create or work on something new which might be a community work.
Be a best in community: 
Every one have ability to become as a best Article writer,best blogger,best Speaker and be as a Most Valuable,All you need to do is always use your time for useful things and always works with your target and goal.Keep reading many articles which published by others ,see thier writing style and pick the best mentor and read thier more articles ,start working with your ideas , be unique with others and share your works with others and I  bet you as you will be the real Most Valuable.There is differance between Most Valuble and real Most Valuble ,Always be as a real Most Valuble and you will feel the differance. 
How Do I utilize my time for Work/Family and Article Contributions?

Yes, I’m a family man and have 2 kids, I started my contribution from 2014 and since that day to today I’m continuing my contributions. Always I will think myself as I’m not expert in anything and still learning all things this leads me to study new things and write as article. Everyone ask me as how do you manage your time with family, Work and Contributions as many peoples know that I will be visiting to some places every week end with family and still you are also contributing for articles and how and from where do you get the time.

According to me in our life Four things are very important.

  1. Family (Our Parents, Wife, kids, brothers, Sister and Wife Parents) *****
  2. Our Job ****
  3. Community work and contributions ***
  4. Friends and Relatives.**

This is the order I do live my life so first it comes family. First preference for time should be always our Family members and if you don’t do this then all your system will be collapsed and whatever passion you will have you can’t achieve the goal. The main thing should be as your family need to understand you well as what you are doing and how much is good for others without their understanding, support you can’t successful on your community work. In home with family I will not do any type of work both office work and community work, House is the place to send our time with our family and mostly all the week ends we will went out to spend time and play with kids. I will always talk about the day happening during sleep, I will discuss with my son about my article and some time I will ask tips and idea for doing my next article contributions as you can see my few of AngularJs contributions related to games was given by him.

The contributions are nothing but our idea which we share with others. Whenever I complete my article for 1 week I will be watching all the comments and feedbacks and after a week I will start thinking for next article. In home I will think for the next concept during late night sleep or early morning and when others in deep sleep I will be in deep thinking. My sleeping time is 9 Pm to 10 Mostly I will sleep early and wakeup early which I learn from my childhood from my father. My favorite time for work is early morning 4:30 Am to 6;30 AM, during this time the mind will be fresher and we can think a lot and make our creativity in more better ways. I usually use this time in home for writing articles. This blog which I’m writing now also started at early morning 5;30 AM. I got a comment on my article and when I was being checking for that and I saw the previous comment as one of the members asked to write me on how to manage time for article writings and that makes me to write this blog now. When I started nothing in my mind and I never expect as I can write this much big blog but when I started my heart and Mind synced well and gives me good content to write for your all.

The next important part is our Job which we do. Always dot the job which you love and if you don’t like the job or company then don’t dare to shift immediately as with out your love and passion of work you can’t shine in that job as well as it will lead you for depression. With god’s grace I have got a good company and I do live my company work culture and my job. I’m working for Manufacturing domain for past 10 years and I do love to work for that as it has many challenging works some time we also do work with Human Machine Interface programs which I love to work with. During office time I will be as Work when I have work and spend time for article writing when I have free time. Free time I will make in office in two ways.


  1. Visit office early morning and go late night, spend time during lunch time or any free time when there is not much work, even my office peoples know as I will be working for article during my free time as we should not hide anything to anyone which will help us to improve our quality.

  2. Some time I will be visiting office on Saturdays and Sunday. My office is very strict in holidays as we will not work on Saturdays and Sundays, but occasionally I will visit to office only for writing articles.

Apart from this I will also spend time with friends, relatives and for speaking with my own time schedule. I will always like to write creative, innovative article which is not in market, which makes me unique and I intentionally not doing that, it’s my one of the hobby as making new things and working for innovative things. I believe this passion with me makes me unique and I love to be work like this. All this thing was being with the blessing of god who is the real-time manager who manage all our time.

Hope you all like this blog post and if I have missed something then kindly leave me in the comment section will added it. Don’t run behind the time and let the time fallow you by this way you can make it all your needs possible. Always be confident with you and god rest will be good.