How many tabs are available in HP Quality Center? Please explain its uses.

There are 4 tabs are available in basic modules in HP Quality Center (QC) also below:

1. Requirements-To specify the requirements related to Releases.

2. Test Plan- Test Cases are designed under this tab.

3. Test Lab-This tab is used for Test Cases Execution

4. Defects- This tab is used for Log and track defects. It is used for bug tracking and reporting.

In Quality Center 10.0 version the following modules were added,

Releases: To specify the release details.

Business Component: Quality Center provides Business Component for Business Process Testing (BPT).

Dashboard : Dashboard is also newly added. When you generate a Progress Graph in the Dashboard module, the graph may display different information from that displayed in previous versions of Quality Center.

Resources and Dependencies: To specify the resources and dependencies details.

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