Using MS Flow to Save email attachments to a SharePoint document library

  • An MS flow subscription assigned to your Account
  • SharePoint Site access
  • Docs library should be created
Log in using your business account, then click the “flow” option, shown on the top of the page.
Scroll down the page and select SharePoint under popular services
Once the above option is selected, it will take us to SharePoint Flow action. You will be able to see the flow templates from Microsoft. Here you can search for a template by clicking on the search option. You can also select a template by scrolling down.
Select “Save my email attachment to a SharePoint document library” template. The next screen should be shown, as shown below.
Click Use this template.
Click on the 'continue' option. On the next page, we should receive a configuration option in MS Flow to move the email attachment to the Site Library.
First, we need to change the name and assign it according to our convenience. Then, click on the 'On New Email' option and select the folder from where you want to copy the email attachment.
Once your folder is selected, the next step is to apply it to each attachment on the email.
By default, the attachment will be selected. On the create file option, the site address should be your Office 365 SharePoint site. Select the folder path, the Library which you have created. Otherwise, you can select the default shared folder filename. We can keep the file content the default.
Now click on Create Flow. You will get a message that your flow was created. To exit, click done. Once anyone is sent an email with an attachment, MS flow will trigger automatically and save the attachment to the defined Library.
Your flow should be ready to test. Send a test message to your email with an attachment. It will create a file in the SharePoint site -> SiteAssests library.
The job history should be shown above once MS Flow triggers