How To Add Image In SharePoint Online Page Or Other Version Of SharePoint

I'm going to talk about how to add an image in SharePoint Online page or other version of SharePoint as well or customize the site page with your own images.

This blog is about how to add an image in SharePoint online page or site. In the same way, we can do it for other versions of SharePoint. You may feel this is too easy to do or looks very simple  but for the beginners, this blog will help a lot to configure, as per customer requirement, or to customize the site pages.

Hence, the steps are given below to do the same step-by-step with the screenshots.

  • Login to SharePoint online site page with the user account.
  • Click on Page Tab option or Site setting and click edit page, which is shown below.


  • Once page will go to edit mode, select Pictures from Insert ribbon. Here, we need to select an option from the drop down. I am selecting to add an image from my computer.


  • Once the option shown above is selected, upload an image and wizard will appear here. Select choose file and click OK.


  • After selecting an image and clicking OK, an image will appear on the same. We can resize the image from the selected box and click save button from the top of the page.


  • Now, everything is done. Now your own image is available on the screen and in the same way, we can configure to all of the site pages of SharePoint online and other versions of SharePoint as well.




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