How to add your own control in DataGrid Control

Step 1: DataGrid Control is a .net 1.1 control,so it is not present in the Data Controls.In order to add this control click on view->ToolBox in website.Now select the Data Controls from the Toolbox.


Step 2: Right click on the Data Control click on choose item option.


Step 3: A window is appear, in this choose the DataGrid having the namespace System.Web.UI.WebControls and press OK button.


Step 4: Now the DataGrid Control is add to the Data Controls,drag and drop this control into our web page design part,and change its format by the AutoFormat Property.


Step 5: Click on the Property Builder option which appear next to the AutoFormat,after clicking in it the another window is open.In this window click on the column button,like.


Step 6: Now click on the template column and press > button,by pressing this the template column add in the selected column can give the Header text for giving the column header,otherwise leave it blank.then press ok.

gridview properties.jpg

Step 7: Now click on the Edit Template option ,for this a template window is open,under this add any a checkbox in the item template space.


Step 8: Now go to the end template open,you can see that the checkbox is appear in every row.


Summary : In the same way you can add many more control in the DataGrid.We can add the control in any column,In This example the control is added in first column.For this I use Column[0] in Edit Template option.