How to be a Successful Independent Software Developer

The main advantage on this career as an independent software developer is having yourself as a boss,
no corporate policies should be followed but considering limitations.

As an independent software developer there are at least 15 steps to be followed according to in order to attain accuracy and to maximize the free source job:

  1. If your working in a corporate company and opted to resign, list down the things you must consider in becoming an independent software developer.
  2. Before putting oneself as independent software developer or programmer as a chosen job, plan first in order to assure success in the chosen career which involved consultations and training.
  3. After you resign in the previous job, find yourself a time to adjust.
  4. Expand attributes on technical knowledge and software programming.
  5. Maximize time working efficiently as if becoming a software developer offers convenient time.
  6. Attest on small things considering its effect if not given attention.
  7. As an independent software developer marketing and advertising is an essential part in order to obtain progress.
  8. Organize your work and set up priorities.
  9. Identify difference between promotion and being independent,to become independent signifies that a certain individual must also take managerial concerns while being promoted is just transferring into another job but with specifications.
  10. As a programmer do not limit yourself for investing as long as you can manage your work in which defines to accept technical inputs and apply it into work for an expected outcome.
  11. Know when your going to expand or lessen your business.
  12. Set up product quality as an element for considerations in your business.
  13. Work out for your product to be recognized such as linking your business into informative sites, merging and post educational drive about your product through social media.
  14. Dividing responsibilities may be an assurance of success or failure but before you are going to establish a work for a certain person make sure his/her working capacities.
  15. Take care of yourself as an asset in your business and be reminded to make use of your time not only in working on the entire week but also to exercise rest, relax and recreation.