How To Change Global Node Modules Folder Path

In this blog, you will learn how to change the path of the Global Node Modules folder.

My work PC is configured to login using active directory. It synchronizes all the changes before I login and after I log off. Sometimes, it takes a very long time to sync the profile, especially when the content inside my personal folders (like, My Documents, desktop, etc.), is very large (in GBs). So, I like to keep my profile data as low as possible, to maintain a faster login experience.
So, it happened the previous day. I installed several node modules using npm command line tool and logged off. When I logged in after awhile, it took so much time to login and I had no idea what had gone wrong. So I guessed (and I was right) that it is because of the last thing I did in my PC, i.e., Node and Node Modules. Then, I learned about the location of the global Node Modules folder.
What I learned is that every time you install a node module in global mode (for example: "npm install -g express"), it is saved in the user profile's roaming folder.
So, I checked with node.js documentation and found that it can be changed very easily using a simple "npm config"  command.
Command to set Global Node Modules folder
npm config set prefix "<desired folder path>"
For example: npm config set prefix "E:\node_modules",
From the next time onward, every global installation will save the node modules in "E:\node_modules" folder. I moved all the node modules from roaming folder to the new location and my login became as fast as before.