How to create a community site in SharePoint 2013

Community Site:

SharePoint 2013 introduced a new site template called Community Site. Community site is the improvement of discussion forums that was available in SharePoint 2010. Community site provides the following features

Ø  Discussions

Ø  Categories

Ø  Badges

Ø  Reputation

This is also available as a site feature called Community Site Feature which can be enabled in the site. I have a team site collection where I am going to create a new community site as a subsite (I need a separate site which will be used by my team members to discuss).

 Steps Involved:

1.       Navigate to the team site http://c4968397007/.

2.       Click on Site Contents link which is available in the quick launch bar.

3.       Click on new subsite under Subsites section.

4.       Enter the Title, Description and URL name as shown below

5.       Select Community Site template which is available in the Collaboration tab.



6.       Click on Create.

7.       A new community site is created successfully which can be used to discuss some interesting topics among the team members.


Thus in this blog you have seen how to create a community site in SharePoint 2013. 


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