How to Create a Modern SharePoint Online Test Center Page - Part Two


Hi guys, welcome back to C# Corner my blog section. You may have already gone through my previous blog, which covers a lot of stuff exploring the concepts of MS Forms directly by adding it as a Modern Web Part on your Modern Site Page. The above link is only a feedback response collection, but now, let's try a different way.
Now, let's try one more amazing way to have a quiz session with both users from your organization.
Follow the steps for the above process to be finished.
Go here and sign in with your Global Admin/Site Collection admin account details.
Click the create quiz option.
Click Right Gear >> Settings >> Show Results automatically toggle on >> Who can fill out this form-Anyone who get this link >> Accept responses >> Notifications on
Similarly, change the theme using the default options or add your own custom option.
Start adding questions which have different categories,
  • Choice, Text, Rating, Date
Once the question is posted, you can start filling the options for the choice option selected, as my scenario is a test centre.
Just click the tick option against the correct answer in your list of multiple options provided to every question. You can also place some explanation messages to the correct answer by using the envelope icon. You can assign 1 point for a single option based on the questions. For multiple answers, you can give more points.
You can also add any custom image for a detailed question description using the media option. Once you are done with all the QnA framing following all the above points click Share option, Get the link. Go to your Modern Site Page, and add a Modern Webpart by selecting MS Forms. Select use the existing form and place the generated link, which is automatically reflected.
Publish the modern page and click on the send by email option, then send it to all your Organization/Non-Organization members. Just whoever wants to have their test practice experience. 
The admin and the responder will get the test scorecards mailed, as per the notification settings.
Happy Modern SharePointing!