How To Create A Proxy Class and Service EndPoint For WCF Service

Step 1: Run your WCF service and copy your url. 
(In my application, it is http://localhost:5174/MyService/MyService.svc )
Step 2: Open Visual Studio command prompt and write this command.
svcutil.exe http://localhost:5174/MyService/MyService.svc?wsdl
Step 3: The above command will create 2 files, one config file and another .cs file in VC folder shown in the command prompt path.
Step 4: Add this class files to the client application and also add config information to client application configuration file.
Step 5: Create object/proxy of service
Mysqervice.MysqerviceClient client=new Mysqervice.MysqerviceClient();
Step 6; Call method of WCF Service
int result= client.Add(5,7);
//do with result as your need.
Step 7: Close the client Proxy
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