How to Find CLSID of a DLL

A CLSID is a global unique identifier that identifies a COM class object. You may need to register and know the CLSID of a particular DLL when you work with COM, especially when your server allows linking to its embedded objects. I had the same situation where I needed to know the CLSID of a DLL.

How to find CLSID of a DLL

Go to start and select Run, or you Press Windows key + R. And type regedit.

                  Figure: Run Command With regedit

Click Yes, if you get any pop up as follows.

                                    Figure: regedit pop up

Select HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT from the list.

                                          Figure: Select HKEY CLASSES ROOT

Now search for your DLL name. In my case it was MyWindowsControl. You can find a folder called CLSID under your DLL name.


Figure: CLSID Folder

On the right side you can see a column ‘Data’, that is your CLSID.

                                                                     Figure: CLSID


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