How To Increase Sandboxed Solutions Resources Quota In SharePoint 2016

By default, it will be 300 points per day to the user to use the resource quota.

Follow the steps, mentioned below to configure Sandboxed Solution resources In SharePoint 2016.

  • Login to SharePoint Central Administrator site.
  • Click Configure Quota and Locks under the site collection.


  • Once clicked, it will take us to Site collection quotas and locks page, where we can see many options, but we need to see only about Sandboxed Solutions limitation.
    See the option, mentioned below to add the more resources quota.
  • Change the site collection.
  • Scroll down the page to site quota information and increase the maximum usage per day of Sandboxed Solutions resources.


  • Also, if you want to change an E-mail warning for quota limitation, we can change here only.
  • Once all is done, click OK to effect the changes.

Now, log in to the site and try to add those .wsp file and you won’t get any issues.


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